About Us

Contractor Transport is a fluids and environmental solutions provider offering customized products and services to the water, stimulation, fracturing, fluids, and production needs of our customers throughout the U.S.

Contractor Transport, LLC (CT) provides exceptional trucking services throughout the U.S. The company was formed to address the special water and environmental challenges associated with modern day unconventional and conventional oil and gas resource development. Factors such as growth in domestic shale activity, increased regulatory demands, pressure for increased efficiencies in the field and desire for increased environmental performance meant that the industry required a new type of provider. It needed a company that could help not just better manage water and fluids at every phase of the well—but also supply the resources and expertise to make the water lifecycle more efficient as a whole.

The result? A combination of water management and environmental services strategically positioned to both consolidate this once fragmented industry and deliver more consistent, enterprise-wide solutions to operators across North America.

Contractor Transport brings distinctive capabilities that have already helped some of the nation’s leading operators dramatically improve critical key performance indicators.

Discover the wide-ranging breadth of our Water Management Services, our Environmental Services that help make modern hydraulic fracturing possible, our total commitment to Safety, and our Locations in areas where you operate.

The trucking operation consists of water trucks (110bbl), vacuum trailers (130bbl and 150bbl), Guzzler vacuum trucks, tri-axle dump trucks, heavy haul trucks, low-boys and flatbed trucks at the highest safety standards in the industry.

CT provides on-line billing capability and reporting and very strong safety and DOT compliance program with 24/7 dispatch.



Part of Contractor Transport’s culture is the Stop Work Policy which gives any employee the unquestioned authority to stop work for safety concerns. Drivers and technicians are trained to recognize unsafe conditions whether they are mechanical, environmental, or employee-related, and empowered to immediately stop the operation of the vehicle at risk. Employees exercising this authority are commended for their attentiveness.

“We want our drivers to feel empowered,” cites Safety Director Lew Cessna. “They need to say ‘no’ with confidence when weather conditions, vehicle conditions, their own physical condition, or even their hours of service, prohibit the safe operation of their vehicle. It is a culture of safety that we have instilled in our drivers from day one.”


Technology plays a key role as well. GPS tracking, forward and rearward facing cameras, electronic logs, and real-time maintenance tracking are just a few of the innovations being implemented in the new operation. Outside consultants round out the effort with highly respected training programs, fleet maintenance, and regulatory compliance.


December 2018