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Great News for the Trucking Industry

U.S. Department of Transportation Modernizes Hours of Service Rules to Improve Safety and Increase Flexibility for America’s Truckers. Here is what you need to know!

First, we want to thank our truckers for continuing to be the backbone of our supply systems across America during this challenging time. The rule adjustments were made because the voices of our truckers were heard. The required break after eight hours of driving is now honored by drivers using on-duty status. There is a new sleeper-berth exception that allows drivers to split up wither ten hours of off-duty requirements. The adverse driving conditions exception has been modified to add two hours to the maximum driving window. The last notable change has allowed an increase to 14 hours of the on-duty period and a longer distance limit of 150 air miles for short-hauls. We are happy that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has made these updates in favor of the truckers and for the safety of our roads.

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