Site Work and Construction Services

From pad site construction to pond lining/closure, from pipeline construction to site abandonment projects, CT can offer local field support to complete the project cost-effectively and quickly. We offer a large fleet of our own construction equipment, laborers, and foremen who perform similar tasks every day. In addition to construction equipment, we also offer vac-trucks, soil vacuum work, geoprobes, and soil/sludge mixing services.

  • Site Restoration, Tank Cleaning, and Waste Disposal Service

We are able to restore the site to your specification and ensure compliance with the local Conservation District requirements. We are experienced with re-grading, placing fill, hydroseeding, and soil/waste disposal. CT owns a fleet of hydro seeders that can restore your land to its original condition. CT has waste disposal agreements in place with some of the largest landfills and treatment facilities in the US and we offer local services to provide labor, transportation, and waste disposal coordination. CT has operated beneficial re-use sites and understands the complexities and operational requirements. We currently provide these services for some of the largest oil companies in the world. In addition, we provide decontamination services to clean out and degas tanks, frac tanks, separators, and vessels, as well as provide decontamination services with OSHA 1910.146 (Confined Space) trained personnel.

  • Water and Soil Treatment Services

Not only do we maintain a large fleet of mobile remediation treatment equipment, but through our partners, we utilize patented and patent-pending innovative technologies, such as ozone and hydrogen peroxide injection to treat up to 1,000,000 gallons per day. We can provide technologies such as aeration, evaporation, carbon treatment, filtration, chemical oxidation, solids removal and more. We also are very experienced in mobile on-site soil and groundwater treatment and have constructed more than 50 on-site groundwater remediation treatment systems within Pennsylvania and New York alone.

  • E&S Inspection and Repair Services

CT performs PA Title 25 – Chapters 93 and 105 General Provisions and 102 Erosion and Sediment Control Site Inspection Services throughout the Appalachian Basin.

We will provide professional staff that is trained in the proper implementation of erosion and sediment control measures in accordance with PA Title 25 – Chapter 102. Our team of inspectors has hands-on experience in the proper construction and implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) related to E&S Controls.

CT teams utilize electronic tablet technology to provide electronic copies of all inspection reports within 48 hours of inspections via email.

In the case of an emergency, having a competent, efficient and effective gas well site construction and environmental services company on-call is not just important, it’s a necessity. CT’s Emergency Response Service offers a rapid and effective response to spills of fracking fluid, diesel fuel or any other hazardous waste. Our land-based Emergency Response equipment and trained personnel are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We own over 150 pieces of specialized cleaning and transportation equipment and employ more than 185 HAZMAT/HAZWOPER professionals throughout Pennsylvania & West Virginia. We utilize three operation centers, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently no matter where the problem is located.

Our goal is to minimize clients’ liabilities, negotiate with regulators and cost-effectively address every aspect associated with gas drilling emergencies. ln an emergency situation, CT will always be there to perform all of the necessary response services from clean-up to excavation work to soil and waste disposal. SCE understands that remediation at the physical site, although important and essential, is only part of a complete Emergency Response offering. Additionally, CT’s Emergency Response includes appropriate regulatory coordination and reporting including damage assessment and containment.

Over the past 15 years, CT and their sister company have managed some of the largest emergency response projects in Pennsylvania and New York for our oil and gas clients, including several trucking and pipeline release sites in the Marcellus Shale.