Traffic Control Services

CT can provide temporary traffic control through flagging operations to ensure the safety and traffic flow through road construction sites. CT applies its experience and best practices to adapt to every job site, and they train every member of their traffic control team to anticipate traffic movements.

Thanks to CT’s safety-driven culture, they think about safety at all times, ensuring sate passage for the general public and safe working conditions for road construction crews and their own flaggers and workers. We’ll consider factors such as:

  • Time, date and frequency of work
  • Types of traffic
  • Legal requirements and practices

Standard Flagging Operations include lane restrictions and temporary closures. These operations often include high volumes of traffic and require careful communication between traffic control flaggers and construction laborers or rig movement personnel doing their jobs. Our flaggers are trained to alternate vehicle movement and avoid traffic building up in any one direction, while also giving construction or rig moving crews the time they need to complete the required work.