Water Management


Service Overview

  • Reduce Risk Issues

    For many oil and gas development and production projects, the development of water sources for enhanced oil recovery; provision and recycling of frac water; and management, treatment, and disposal of produced water create significant cost and risk issues.

  • Minimize Costs

    Expertise in oilfield services, combined with a team of our water professionals and water-specific technologies, provides operators with a range of solutions to minimize water-related costs.

  • Experienced Professionals

    A key benefit of our service delivery is our knowledge of regulatory requirements and the industry-leading technologies we have developed for managing groundwater resources. Our company has worked in the environmental industry for over 15 years.

  • Water Supply

    We specialize in the development of water resources and provide the following services:
    recycle/reuse of frac flowback water
    subsurface characterization
    conveyance installation and optimization
    construction management
    produced water treatment
    innovative technologies for the dynamic treatment of produced water for the oil, gas, and mining industry.

  • Disposal

    Our expertise in reservoir construction and environmental management helps in the selection of optimum locations for storage ponds and injection wells.

  • Optimizing water disposal

  • Operation of impoundments and injection wells

  • Integration of multiple solutions

  • Beneficial use